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Welcome to the Mindful Mama Movement Podcast! Shannon Kinney-Duh, creator of A Free Spirit Life, and Ashley Walburn, owner of Home Holistic, are bringing back The Mindful Mama Movement. Mindful mothering is about nurturing yourself while you nurture others. It's about consciously awakening to your inner wisdom, strength, peace and power as a mother in this changing world. From discovering your newborn to loving and accepting the wonderful people who have left your nest...our movement is inspiring mamas to be authentic and live empowered lives. We're so happy you're here!
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Dec 13, 2016

In this 14th and final episode of 2016 for the Mindful Mama Movement, Shannon gifts us with 5 essential tips for how to stay mindful during the holidays. She emphasizes that we must "embrace imperfection," and that this is "a wonderful time of year to renew and to get's going to be up to us to create the kind of season that we want - which is slower, simpler, more present."

Continuing in the spirit of slower and simpler, Shannon has included a blissful, guided meditation for deep relaxation within the second half of the episode. You will also want to make sure to go to and sign up for our mailing list (if you haven't already) to receive an additional free guided meditation by Ashley on making space in your life.

So please treat yourself to these invaluable moments of reflection. As Shannon states, "Part of the point of the holiday season is to learn how to receive."


Additional quotes:

"Feel more grounded and reconnect to your breath...there is nothing more present than your breath."

"Let go of your need to do it all."

"Don't strive to be perfect; strive to be imperfect."

"Ask yourself: what am I most grateful for in this moment?" 

Additional links:

Check out the Live Freely Circle to see what is in store in 2017 for this month to month online, empowering support group. Visit this link to learn more:

Go to to see what this KC area one stop shop has to offer - from yoga for all ages and levels, to chiropractic, counseling, and massage and so much more.

And don't forget to join the Mindful Mama Movement on Facebook, listed as the Mindful Mama Movement Group.

Dec 6, 2016

In today’s show, Episode 13, we are speaking with not one, but two amazing and creative women. 

Becky Pashia and Noelle Stoffel are incredibly talented, and professional artists. Becky is the mama to three boys, ages 13, 15 and 22, and Noelle is a mama to two girls, ages six and nine.  

We’re so excited to speak with both Becky and Noelle about the role creativity plays in not only the lives of children, but in the lives us mamas as well. 

They feel art can be a great example for life.  Making messes is part of making art.  It’s important for you to take time for yourself to spend on your hobbies and relax. There’s not one specific and right way to do things.  

Becky and Noelle both stress the importance of being truly present in your child’s life and noticing the little things about them to help further their creativity and interests.  

We also discuss whether or not they believe it’s too late for adults to learn to paint or be creative, why Becky feels frustration and boredom are critical components of creativity, and how becoming moms effected their creative lives. 

Becky and Noelle inspire us to encourage our kids to make gifts for family and friends instead of buying them and then take the time to give the gifts in creative ways, like a treasure hunt.  

It’s because of this that Becky and Noelle actually created two apps that help children learn how to do this virtually in hopes it will carry over into real life. 

Both of the apps, One Present, Please and Pass a Present, are available in the App Store and are linked to below. 

Both Becky and Noelle are members of the Mindful Mama Movement Facebook group and will stop by to answers any questions you may have. Join us in the group to get inspired!


Check out Noelle’s website here

Visit Becky’s website here

Click here to get the FREE version of One Present, Please (iPad only) 

Click here to get the full version of One Present, Please 

Click here to get Pass a Present