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Welcome to the Mindful Mama Movement Podcast! Shannon Kinney-Duh, creator of A Free Spirit Life, and Ashley Walburn, owner of Home Holistic, are bringing back The Mindful Mama Movement. Mindful mothering is about nurturing yourself while you nurture others. It's about consciously awakening to your inner wisdom, strength, peace and power as a mother in this changing world. From discovering your newborn to loving and accepting the wonderful people who have left your nest...our movement is inspiring mamas to be authentic and live empowered lives. We're so happy you're here!
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Sep 12, 2017

Shannon share's news about an upcoming retreat that they are planning for mindful mamas.

Shannon and Ashley enjoyed a break over the summer, but did not intend to be gone so long from the show.  As they continue balancing their work and family lives, they are taking a break from offering consistent podcast episodes, but they do plan on coming back in the near future to share what they've been up to.

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Also, Shannon has started a new A Free Spirit Life podcast where she will focus on sharing stories and inspiration on living and cultivating a more authentic, creative and soulful life.  Visit to learn more.

See you soon!

Thanks for all your support.  We love you all.

Shannon & Ashley

May 30, 2017

Whoa, mama!  29 episodes, 1400 Facebook group members, and 22,000 downloads later the Mindful Mama Movement podcast is wrapping up a successful Season One.  

In Episode 30, Ashley and Shannon reflect upon the early days (recording the first 8 episodes on the floor!), to their favorite moments and interviews.  The recording process (complete with interruptions from a potty training toddler).  And the quotes that stuck with them as mamas on their own journeys.

Ashley and Shannon plan to take a bit of a summer break to enjoy time with their families and further cultivate their individual businesses before returning with Season 2.  

In the meantime, you can find Shannon at A Free Spirit Life and join her monthly membership for women who want to move from a life of stress and overwhelm to one that supports joyful, authentic, creative and mindful living. Visit HERE for details on the circle and HERE to learn more about her one-on-one holistic life coaching services.

If you live in the Kansas City area, join Ashley for yoga!  Classes and information on other holistic wellness services can be found at Home Holistic.

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HAPPY SUMMER!  Thank you for all your support.  We can't wait to share our second season with you.


Shannon & Ashley

May 23, 2017

In today's show, Episode 29, we enjoy a lovely conversation with Christa Melnyk Hines.

Christa is an award-winning freelance journalist, author and connection expert. Through her books, articles, blog and newsletter she inspires today’s busy families to grow happier and stronger through healthy, meaningful connection.

Christa is the author of Happy, Healthy & Hyperconnected: Raise a Thoughtful Communicator in a Digital World , a guide for parents interested in nurturing a versatile set of social skills in this generation’s digitally-charmed kids. She is also the author of Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life , which helps moms build and sustain a thriving, balanced social life that supports their emotional health.

This is a great show focused on dealing with technology and how you can create deep and meaningful connections with your family.  We love Christa's practical and powerful tips on how to take mindful breaks from your devices, like connecting together in the family room, taking a weekly digital sabbath or creating "no phone zones" in your home.

Christa inspires you to look at your own life and see how you use technology, as your children are modeling your behavior.  We also explore the importance of friendships, and how invaluable it is to nurture connections with women, both online and in person.

You will feel excited to try some of her great tips as you continue deepening the connections with your family and friends.


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Thanks so much for listening and for sharing our shows with your mama friends.  We appreciate you.


Shannon & Ashley

May 16, 2017

In today's show, Episode 28, we are excited to share our beautiful conversation with Julia Aziz!

Julia shares her story about becoming a mother, and now while raising her children with authenticity and compassion.  She is honest about how she's had to learn to surrender her need to control and how she is unlearning multi-tasking, so she can be more in the moment with her kids and in life.

You are going to feel so inspired after listening to this show!

Julia is the mother of three children and the author of Lessons of Labor: One Woman's Self-Discovery Through Birth and Motherhood. As a counselor and interfaith minister, Julia has worked with women through many life transitions, from having a first child to losing a loved one. In addition to teaching at a graduate school for integrative medicine, she leads private meditation groups, movement workshops, and silent retreats exploring creativity, self, and purpose.

To learn more about Julia, visit her website HERE.

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Thanks for listening and for all your support!


Shannon & Ashley

May 9, 2017

In today's show, Episode 27, Ashley Walburn reflects on her journey into motherhood and how different her births were, and what she learned from them.

Ashley shares her vulnerable and personal stories about how each birth came in their own timing, and although they were filled with surprises and hard times, she wouldn't have changed a thing.

You will appreciate Ashley's ability to be raw and honest in her storytelling, and her stories will inspire you to reflect on your own births, along with the many challenges and celebrations that come from being a mother.

To learn more about Ashley and her wonderful yoga studio and services, visit

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Thanks for your support and thanks for listening.


With love,

Shannon & Ashley

May 2, 2017

In today's show, Episode 26, we decided to try something new in honor of Mother's Day.  Rather than interview a guest or chat together, we are sharing personal stories about our own journey in motherhood.  This week Shannon shares her story and Ashley will share hers in the next episode.

Shannon shares more about her birth stories, how all of the births were so completely different and how powerful it was going through each one.

Shannon reflects on some of the lessons she's learned from her boys, including how wonderful it is to be different, that we all bloom in our own timing, how important it is to practice letting go of control, how to accept what is and how to trust herself, her children and life.

The full circle moments she's experienced though these different births and raising three awesome kids, has taught Shannon how to stop being afraid - how to be brave and honor the challenges, imperfections and celebrations that come on this crazy joyride called motherhood!

Happy Mother's Day to you beautiful mamas.

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Thanks for your support and thanks for listening!

With love,

Shannon & Ashley

Apr 25, 2017

In today's show, Episode 25, we continue our conversation with Casey O'Roarty, creator of Joyful Courage. 

Casey talks about how important it is to learn not only what our triggers are, but how to help our children become more aware of their triggers, so that when they are feeling frustration or anger coming on, they can recognize what it feels like and learn tools to cope with those heavier emotions.

Casey talks about what the "Brain in the Palm of the Hand" is, which is a powerful way to think about happens when we "flip our lid," and she shares some interesting facts about brain development in teens.

This show is full of invaluable tips and resources on how to raise whole children, all while learning how to deal and heal from our own emotional outbursts.

To learn more about Casey, visit

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We appreciate you! Thanks for listening...

With love,

Shannon & Ashley

Apr 18, 2017

In today's show, Episode 24th, we are excited to share with you our fun conversation with Casey O'Roarty!

Dive right into listening - seriously - Casey is not only awesome and full of wisdom - but so real and so dang funny.  She is a Positive Discipline coach and creator of Joyful Courage.

Casey share's how rough it was becoming a mom and what she learned about herself as a stay-at-home mom during the early years.

Casey shares how some of the darker moments and the challenges she's faced in motherhood led her to learning the philosophy of Positive Discipline.  This practice worked so well for her, that she says it changed the dynamic of her family, and it also led her to become a Positive Discipline parent educator.

Casey talks about how to use Positive Discipline with not only toddlers, but with teenagers. We talk about how to help our kids develop coping skills and how important it is to do our soul-work as moms.

We also explore how important it is as we are nurturing our children, that we learn how to nurture ourselves and as Casey says, "get our stuff together."  One practice that has really helped Casey on her path to mindfulness is meditation, and she shares a simple way of focusing on your breath and how that helps you learn more about your triggers so that you can return to a place of calm.  Such an invaluable practice in motherhood!

Today you'll hear part 1 and then listen to Episode 25 for part 2.

To learn more about Casey and her parenting services, visit her website Joyful Courage.  You can find her Joyful Courage Podcast HERE.


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Thanks for listening.

We heart you.

Shannon & Ashley

Apr 11, 2017


In today’s show, Episode 23, we’re incredibly honored to have two-time Olympic medalist, Shannon Happe, as our guest.

Shannon’s last name is actually pronounced like “happy” and it’s certainly fitting for her personality. Shannon is fun and brings a fresh, but real, perspective about motherhood to the show.

Shannon’s passion for skiing, especially the moguls, began at a very young age thanks to the fact that she grew up in the mountains around Lake Tahoe.

Shannon was a member of the United States Olympic Ski Team for 12 years, won two Olympic medals, and has multiple World Cup victories under her belt but, she says that nothing has been more challenging, or rewarding, than being a mother.

Today, Shannon opens up about the isolation she felt after becoming a mom, what brought her back to herself and helped her feel connected again, her struggle with having a miscarriage, her uncertainty about having another child, why women should stop telling each other motherhood is “hard”, and the one thing she wants all mothers to know.

Shannon also talks about her upcoming business venture that is going to “help bring inspiration and movement” to the corporate world.

Shannon’s new business: Team Empower Hour

Episode Sponsors: hOMe Holistic and A Free Spirit Life.

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Thanks for listening!

With love,

Shannon & Ashley

Apr 4, 2017
Today, in Episode 22, we are back from a short hiatus and peeling back the layers of what can make a mother a highly sensitive person with Shawn Fink of  
Shawn has been called the "Yoda of Mamas" and is her 5th year of the Abundant Mama, her blog which has evolved into a 4 week program.  She has placed over 1500 mamas onto a path of building an abundant life practice using "soul"-care (her definition of self-care), learning to trust and let go, and making time for play.  She is also the mother of twin girl "tweenagers" who will be entering middle school in the fall.
Shawn explains how she did not discover she was a highly sensitive person until after becoming a mother.  She found she needed to become her own best friend in a world where the typical information geared toward new moms did not appeal to her.  She did not enjoy leaving the house and was turned off by many things in the public realm.  Triggers such as noise from the kids could bring on an overwhelming feeling of depletion and unideal reactions.  
Shawn further dissects high sensitivity as typically being introverted, creative, and needing time to recharge alone.  There can be a sensory aspect to it as well, as she states highly sensitive people can have adverse reactions to certain sounds or light.  In turn, highly sensitive people tend to be softer, more compassionate and empathetic, and very connected to their intuition.  And most highly sensitive kids will go on to become highly sensitive adults.  
When Shawn began staying up late at night several years ago writing her novel, she began to feel empowered.  She really tapped into how vital alone time was for her, and from there her blog was born and writing became an everyday thing.
She now teaches moms how to tap into "the thing that makes you feel most like yourself," and encourages them to make time for that thing in the morning before the rest of the family is up.
Although she says, "becoming a mother truly amplified my sensitivities," it also helped her to find what she was good at and when she felt most like herself.
To learn more about Shawn, you can go to her website:
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Feb 14, 2017

In today's show, Episode 21, we have the pleasure of chatting with Clinical Social Worker and Writer, Carla Naumburg.

Carla is the author of two books, Parenting in the Present Moment: How to Stay Focused on What Matters and Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family Life.

Carla shares that she discovered mindfulness when she just wanted to learn how to stop yelling at her kids so much.

This conversation takes on a realistic, practical and funny journey as we explore what it's like to practice being present in the midst of motherhood.  Carla is the first to admit how hard parenting is, yet she shares her personal experience and simple tips on how to deal with the constant distractions in daily life and how we can find more peace, all while practicing self-compassion and grace.

To learn more about Carla, you can visit her website:

Make sure to join our private group on Facebook! Carla will be there this week to answer any questions you might have.  One lucky mama will win one of her books!

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With love,

Shannon & Ashley

Feb 7, 2017

In today's show, Episode 20, we are excited to talk with Carly Mentlik about empowering our children, in particular, tween and teen girls.  We explore how important it is that our children stay connected to their authentic voice and find the courage to be themselves.

Carly is a licensed professional clinical counselor, yoga teacher, business owner and a single mom to an 18 month old girl.  She offers parent coaching and classes, as well as learning guides for girls.

Carly has also created curriculum, courses, programs and taught for enrichment programs, homeschool coops, youth groups and for private families, in areas of: personal growth, creative thinking, psychology, philosophical thinking, creative writing, yoga, expressive arts and project-based learning.

To learn more about Carly and her work, visit her website:

For your chance to win a learning guide or 50% off her coaching services, visit the Mindful Mama Movement group on Facebook.


Shannon & Ashley

Jan 31, 2017

We are excited to share with you our wonderful interview with Shawna Childers!

Shawna is a professional organizer living in Kansas City.  In today's show, Episode 19, she walks us through those daily tasks that far too often feel overwhelming and unmanageable.  Shawna offers solutions on how to bring ease to responsibilities like laundry, meal planning and organizing.  She has a simple recipe for a natural cleaning product that can replace those harmful and often toxic ones.  She also shares insight on why it's so important that everything in your home has a place.

We talk about clutter, creative solutions on preserving memories of the things that you still love but that may be taking up space, and how to practice letting stuff go.

Shawna is practical and realistic, yet also invites us to embrace imperfection and to remember that it's ok to leave some of the mess.


Stop by the Mindful Mama Movement Facebook group for your chance to win an in-person or Skype consultation with Shawna.  

You can learn more about Shawna on her website: here.

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Jan 24, 2017


Today, in Episode 18, we are so excited to bring you our conversation with our dear friend, Sarah Doggett!
Sarah Doggett is mama to the 5 kid circus known as the Cirque du Doggett. She is also a birth and post-partum doula, maker of slings, infant massage instructor, kids yoga teacher, knitter, dancer, hiker, essential oiler, art journaller and wife to a wiley wizard. She lives in Beaverton Oregon, and can be found online at
In this interview we talk about the importance of community and connecting with circle of women, both online and in person.  We explore what it feels like to be in the "cave" of motherhood, when you feel consumed by caring for your children but also are looking for the opening and learning how to balance your own self-care needs.
We get honest and open about our challenges, along with sharing our current joys.  Sarah also asks us about why we started the Mindful Mama Movement in the first place!
It's a lovely conversation and we feel blessed to get the opportunity to share yet another inspiring show.
A new session of Shannon's online course, Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery starts February 6th!  If you want a sneak peak into this course, you can join her this week for her FREE online mini-workshop, The Art of Living Freely, where she explores 7 powerful self-care practices that will help you feel more peace, ignite creativity and cultivate your inner courage to follow your heart and take care of YOU.
To learn more about her free workshop, visit HERE.
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Thanks for being here.


Shannon & Ashley

Jan 17, 2017

In today's show, we have the honor of speaking with Hala Khouri, a yoga instructor and somatic psychologist living in L.A., about healing trauma through movement, learning to step back and allow your children to forge their own path, and staying centered and connected in your parenting journey.

Hala has two boys, ages 6 and 9, co-founded a nonprofit organization called "Off the Mat Into the World" that aims to bridge yoga, activism and social justice, and still makes time to sip her coffee each day. She is genuine, relatable and provides wonderful insight into parenting in the phase she describes as a "constant state of humiliation and inspiration."

Haha reminds us that so much of our work is staying out of our children's growth and just doing our best in each moment. You can visit her website at

Hala will be in Kansas City in September 2017 to offer an "Off the Mat, Into the World" workshop with co-founders Seane Corn and Suzanne Sterling. The workshop is a 5 day intensive entitled "Yoga Purpose and Action" where you will explore what the world is calling on you to do and discover your purpose within a justice framework.


Join us on our Mindful Mama Movement Facebook group to share in the discussion!

Quotes from the show:

"It's been an interesting journey to try to step back and do more underparenting so they (my children) can experience their own resilience and not lean on me all the time."

"What I'm trying to let go of for myself is me needing to know how much they need me or love me or that I'm a good mom. They can't meet that need for me...they just need to live their lives and I need to trust that I'm a good parent and a good person and not need that validation from them."

"I feel like so much of the disconnect that we experience in our lives is about being disconnected from our own bodies, from our sensations, from our breath. To me that's really one of the most powerful forms of healing is moving our bodies and being in relationship to our bodies."

Jan 10, 2017

In today’s show, episode 16, we speak with Sami Aaron. Sami is a yoga and meditation teacher who focuses on yoga nidra — a meditation and conscious relaxation practice — and pranayama — the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises. She is also the Director of Training and Development for The Nature Process – which offers powerful tools for managing stress, improving mental health and releasing grief.

In this vulnerable interview, Sami talks about her own journey of walking through grief after her oldest soon took his life in 2003. She also talks about her labor and delivery experiences in the 70’s as well as how she discovered yoga nidra, pranayma and the critical role nature plays in her healing and wellness. 

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Some quotes from the show: 

“For women giving birth today and their support group, it’s so vital to find that little bit of activism within yourself and tune in to what you body and heart are telling you.”

 “When you’re in deep grief you don’t allow yourself to open up because by doing so you are opening yourself up to more grief, so it is much easier to keep it in. And I know I did for many years.” 

“To be able to come to the place where you can allow joy in again is a really hard part of the journey.”

“Don’t let anybody tell you how long to grieve. Grieve as long as your heart needs to, but know that you have the opportunity to offer up that grief to others in compassion.”

Sami Aaron’s nature process workbook, Experience Your 54 Senses will be released on Amazon later this year. To learn more about The Nature Process, visit

Jan 3, 2017

Happy New Year Mamas!

We are so happy to be back with you after a two week break to share Episode 15.  In today's show, we share our personal reflections about the New Year.  You'll hear tips on creating a personal and family vision board.  You'll also feel inspired to make your self-care needs a priority and we'll get you thinking about what you are ready to let go of so you can make space for what matters most to you.

Stop by our Mindful Mama Movement Facebook group to join in the amazing discussion.

We love you and we're so excited to share 2017 with you!

Check out these workshops coming up:

If you are local to the Kansas City area, check out our "Create Your Mindful Vision Board" with our mindful mamas at Home Holistic.  Visit HERE for the details and to save your spot.

For those of you who would prefer an online circle, check out Shannon's Live Freely Circle where we'll be focusing on setting intentions and creating a positive mindset for an abundant year! Visit HERE for those details.


Looking forward to an exciting and fun year together!


Shannon & Ashley