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Welcome to the Mindful Mama Movement Podcast! Shannon Kinney-Duh, creator of A Free Spirit Life, and Ashley Walburn, owner of Home Holistic, are bringing back The Mindful Mama Movement. Mindful mothering is about nurturing yourself while you nurture others. It's about consciously awakening to your inner wisdom, strength, peace and power as a mother in this changing world. From discovering your newborn to loving and accepting the wonderful people who have left your nest...our movement is inspiring mamas to be authentic and live empowered lives. We're so happy you're here!
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Apr 25, 2017

In today's show, Episode 25, we continue our conversation with Casey O'Roarty, creator of Joyful Courage. 

Casey talks about how important it is to learn not only what our triggers are, but how to help our children become more aware of their triggers, so that when they are feeling frustration or anger coming on, they can recognize what it feels like and learn tools to cope with those heavier emotions.

Casey talks about what the "Brain in the Palm of the Hand" is, which is a powerful way to think about happens when we "flip our lid," and she shares some interesting facts about brain development in teens.

This show is full of invaluable tips and resources on how to raise whole children, all while learning how to deal and heal from our own emotional outbursts.

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Shannon & Ashley

Apr 18, 2017

In today's show, Episode 24th, we are excited to share with you our fun conversation with Casey O'Roarty!

Dive right into listening - seriously - Casey is not only awesome and full of wisdom - but so real and so dang funny.  She is a Positive Discipline coach and creator of Joyful Courage.

Casey share's how rough it was becoming a mom and what she learned about herself as a stay-at-home mom during the early years.

Casey shares how some of the darker moments and the challenges she's faced in motherhood led her to learning the philosophy of Positive Discipline.  This practice worked so well for her, that she says it changed the dynamic of her family, and it also led her to become a Positive Discipline parent educator.

Casey talks about how to use Positive Discipline with not only toddlers, but with teenagers. We talk about how to help our kids develop coping skills and how important it is to do our soul-work as moms.

We also explore how important it is as we are nurturing our children, that we learn how to nurture ourselves and as Casey says, "get our stuff together."  One practice that has really helped Casey on her path to mindfulness is meditation, and she shares a simple way of focusing on your breath and how that helps you learn more about your triggers so that you can return to a place of calm.  Such an invaluable practice in motherhood!

Today you'll hear part 1 and then listen to Episode 25 for part 2.

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Shannon & Ashley

Apr 11, 2017


In today’s show, Episode 23, we’re incredibly honored to have two-time Olympic medalist, Shannon Happe, as our guest.

Shannon’s last name is actually pronounced like “happy” and it’s certainly fitting for her personality. Shannon is fun and brings a fresh, but real, perspective about motherhood to the show.

Shannon’s passion for skiing, especially the moguls, began at a very young age thanks to the fact that she grew up in the mountains around Lake Tahoe.

Shannon was a member of the United States Olympic Ski Team for 12 years, won two Olympic medals, and has multiple World Cup victories under her belt but, she says that nothing has been more challenging, or rewarding, than being a mother.

Today, Shannon opens up about the isolation she felt after becoming a mom, what brought her back to herself and helped her feel connected again, her struggle with having a miscarriage, her uncertainty about having another child, why women should stop telling each other motherhood is “hard”, and the one thing she wants all mothers to know.

Shannon also talks about her upcoming business venture that is going to “help bring inspiration and movement” to the corporate world.

Shannon’s new business: Team Empower Hour

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Shannon & Ashley

Apr 4, 2017
Today, in Episode 22, we are back from a short hiatus and peeling back the layers of what can make a mother a highly sensitive person with Shawn Fink of  
Shawn has been called the "Yoda of Mamas" and is her 5th year of the Abundant Mama, her blog which has evolved into a 4 week program.  She has placed over 1500 mamas onto a path of building an abundant life practice using "soul"-care (her definition of self-care), learning to trust and let go, and making time for play.  She is also the mother of twin girl "tweenagers" who will be entering middle school in the fall.
Shawn explains how she did not discover she was a highly sensitive person until after becoming a mother.  She found she needed to become her own best friend in a world where the typical information geared toward new moms did not appeal to her.  She did not enjoy leaving the house and was turned off by many things in the public realm.  Triggers such as noise from the kids could bring on an overwhelming feeling of depletion and unideal reactions.  
Shawn further dissects high sensitivity as typically being introverted, creative, and needing time to recharge alone.  There can be a sensory aspect to it as well, as she states highly sensitive people can have adverse reactions to certain sounds or light.  In turn, highly sensitive people tend to be softer, more compassionate and empathetic, and very connected to their intuition.  And most highly sensitive kids will go on to become highly sensitive adults.  
When Shawn began staying up late at night several years ago writing her novel, she began to feel empowered.  She really tapped into how vital alone time was for her, and from there her blog was born and writing became an everyday thing.
She now teaches moms how to tap into "the thing that makes you feel most like yourself," and encourages them to make time for that thing in the morning before the rest of the family is up.
Although she says, "becoming a mother truly amplified my sensitivities," it also helped her to find what she was good at and when she felt most like herself.
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